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Transform HR Process Delivery - The Youmanage Framework

Greater functionality, for every pound spent, than any other HR software

Youmanage understands what great HR management software can do for your business. Not only can we help your organisation save time and administration costs, we can help you create a culture of excellence, whilst improving HR business process delivery; with empowered people managers and engaged employees.

As your business grows, you need an HR solution that will evolve with you and your team. Youmanage allows you to easily create a corporate interface design and provide the functional capability that meets the needs of your business. With a wide selection of configurable modules and customisable standard workflows from within the one intuitive online interface, start your Youmanage trial today, or request a demo.

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What You Get With Youmanage

  • Secure and robust cloud-based employee data management
  • An online interface that's accessible anywhere
  • Standard, customisable workflow processes and case management functionality
  • Embedded guidance documentation within workflow process design capabilities
  • Configurable email/letter templates for all HR processes
  • A suite of integrated HR Management modules
  • Configurable email notifications and workflow escalation rules
  • Easy to use reporting and analytics capability
  • Regular updates to framework, documentation and content, to remain compliant with UK legislation
30 Day Free Trial

Why We're Different

Youmanage case management system is completely unique; designed to make HR management easy. Your HR staff and people managers will have all of the tools and guidance that they need at every step of any HR process, to make sure that they communicate and deliver your policies and processes fairly, accurately, and in compliance with UK legislation.

Youmanage is easy to use and accessible anywhere – with all employee data secured in a robust database. Our fully customisable software has been designed to deliver all of the tools that your organisation needs to deliver best practice HR.

Try the Youmanage software platform with its many functional and valuable differences, free for 30 days, and benefit from great HR management software.

30 Day Free Trial

What Our Clients Think Of Youmanage

  • We spent a considerable amount of time sourcing a suitable HR software solution and had met with various companies. We were impressed with our trial of Youmanage and after meeting up, we knew we had found the right HR database. Youmanage suits our requirements perfectly, as it is very user friendly and the Self Service element was warmly welcomed by our employees. We have had exceptional customer service from everyone at Youmanage and the ongoing support is outstanding.
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    Karen-Ann Milne, People Development Manager
    Lookers Audi
  • We implemented the Youmanage HR system following a great deal of research on the products available throughout the market.  Youmanage stood out from its competitors in many areas, particularly for its operator friendly ease of use and the workflow process control working alongside the legislative guidance offered within the package - this is proving immensely useful for ensuring that our managers have access to current best practice and are guided through and prompted to complete each HR related process correctly.
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    Claire Holmes, HR Manager
    Gleadell Agriculture