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Process Workflow

Ensuring Greater Consistency & Continuity

Unique process automation capability, designed to be in line with UK legislation and HR best practice


  • Workflow process automation already set-up and included as standard
  • Designed in line with employment legislation and HR best practice
  • Workflow processes deliver data and decision making capability to users
  • Notification and alerts triggered when events occur or activities are due
  • Integrated guidance content sent to users at relevant point within process
  • Collaboration of tasks and activities amongst users
  • Configurable built-in parameters to satisfy individual requirements
  • Audit trail for key HR management processes as standard


  • The workflow capability leads users through key people management tasks as a series of easy-to-follow steps ensuring the right things are done in the right way at the right time
  • We prompt users to complete key tasks at the correct time in accordance with policies and employment legislation. Prompts are delivered via configurable e-mail reminders and via tasks which appear on the user’s home page. Escalation points can be defined as part of e-mail reminder sequences
  • Enables ownership of processes and tasks (e.g. an Interview, a Disciplinary Hearing) to be transferred between users with full transfer of information
  • Enables relevant users to collaborate within a process and have shared visibility of information
  • Creates an audit trail for key business processes (e.g. disciplinary actions, recruitment) including the dates actions were completed, documentation with version control, and all notes and user input (e.g. an interview record)
  • Built-in parameters which can be configured to reflect individual client’s requirements. (e.g. Absence trigger levels, number of days allowed for an investigation where an employee is suspended)
  • Client content can be integrated within the workflow process so it is delivered to the user at the point that it is most relevant